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Medical Marijuana is very much a personal choice. We believe in the privacy of all patients and strive to ensure your privacy is upheld. 

Due to this, Dr. Economou has dedicated a phone number, specifically assigned to Medical Marijuana appointment requests. 


Call today for your appoinment, if you feel you would like a recommendation letter. Dr. Economou is licensed to recommend.


Please Note:

 If you suffer from Glaucoma, 

Dr. Economou will need to stabilize your IOP, prior to recommending Medical Marijuana. 

At no time should medical marijuana be used to treat Glaucoma independently of Glaucoma Approved treatment. Doing so could result in permanent blindness.


Call : (918) 574-1234 to schedule your consult appoinment. 

Please leave your name and return phone number.


Currently, Insurance can not be billed for Medical Marijuana recommendation letter. 


Patients are required to pay for their medical marijuana exam.


•Must be Oklahoma permanent resident .

• Must provide 2 forms of photo ID.

• Patient is responsible bringing any/all documents they would like uploaded on their behalf. 

• Patient is responsible for creating their own OMMA application log in.

 ( we have staff on hand that will assist if requested)

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