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Anthony  Economou,D.O.,O.D.,FAOCO., Board Certified & Fellowship Trained

 Tulsa Glacuoma Surgeon,  Dr. Anthony Economou, only performs FDA approved surgery, on the Glacuomatous Eye.  Please research the MIGS procedure (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery) prior to allowing any surgeon to perform this procedure, on your eyes. Other Surgeons are altering the MIGS procedure, in order to receive payment. This equates to a glorified Trabeculectomy, not a true Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS). 

According to Insurance data, some MIGS procedures are coded as Experimental (This means  a 

“T “ billing code is utilized, by that surgeon or surgery center).    Don’t allow your eye to be the experiment for pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Economou is happy to sit down and visit with you, regarding the true MIGS procedure. If you would like education materials on the FDA approved methods (for MIGS), utilized across the United States & by leading Glaucoma surgeons, please email Dr. Economou at :

   Dr. Economou is strongly opposed to “altering the FDA approved  procedure”,  simply to adjust, for the billing or filing of  a claim.  


 “ My mission in life, is to serve  others, preserving Vision, while providing accurate & consistent Glaucoma treatment to those affected by Glaucoma”. 

Dr.  Economou frequently attends  seminars, meetings, and continues to advance his education & expertise,with the latest technology, knowledge and state of the art diagnostic testing and treatment plans.


 Dr. Economou and his highly trained staff , will strive to understand  your needs, diagnose your current disease state and manage your  individualized treatment ,with the highest level of care.   Tulsa Glaucoma Specialists accepts over 100 insurance plans and is oriented to assist you in all your eye care needs.  

A native of Tulsa, Dr. Economou has developed relationships, over the past 25 years, with the top  Cataract & Retina sub-Specialty surgeons, in NE Oklahoma. 

“I feel  vision is such a precious gift. I only refer to the most skilled physicians in Oklahoma. It is my belief that skill, education & deliberate action is the key to successful management of ocular disease. The physicians I refer to feel the same,  allowing us to create a top notch, medical team around each of my patients.”  Dr. Anthony Economou.


Unlike many others,  Tulsa Glaucoma Specialists is a dedicated Glaucoma practice. Dr. Economou does not fall prey to those having a “One stop shop philosophy”. Instead, He strongly focuses on the serious & extremely debilitating disease of Glaucoma.  Dr. Economou is determined to avoid the many pitfalls of the “One stop shop” and believes  Corporate medicine leaves much to be desired. 


“When patients are treated at the Walmart type practice, Often the patient gets trapped in a cycle of internal referrals, restricting the patients ability to receive a true, non-bias, non-monetary driven medical diagnosis & treatment”. Dr. Anthony Economou

TGS is happy to assist you, in obtaining the proper forms & appointment needed to see Tulsa’s premier Retina & Cataract Surgeons.  


Dr. Economou utilizes “Klara,  The medical assistant,” to provide accuracy of information, create ease of scheduling appointments, and timely return of calls. Klara was implemented as the #1 alternative to internet patient portals, allowing patients to directly communicate with Dr. Economou, using HIPAA compliant, secure text message (within a link texted to your cell phone). Leaving a message on “ Klara- The medical Assistant” assures your voicemail is directed to the appropriate medical team member. Your voice message is transcribed by Klara and automatically entered into your EHR record. This ensures proper documentation & ability for Dr. Economou to personally read your message.  Klara even secures the attachment of documents via your cell phone.

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• In the event of an Emergency please call  911, for emergency medical treatment•


When leaving a message on Klara, Please speak clearly 

and include your full name, Date of Birth and the best 

number to return your call. 


Located at 7171 South Yale Ave #104 - Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136

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7171 S Yale #104,

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136


Phone: (918)317-0022


Mon-Fri: 7:30am - 4:30pm
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